taking action behind the lights and
From iso to aperture and all things created behind a lens
Video Editing
Product videos, opening animations of business logos, commercials, wedding photography and other video editing and video production services.
Parallax Video from 2D Photo
bringing your static 2D photos to life
Parallax can give a sense of grandeur and majesty to an otherwise static photograph. The technique has the unique ability to bring to life any still photograph. The drama that can be conveyed through a 2d photo translated into a 3d space and rendered into video form is unparalleled, and one of the reasons that we offer this service and highly recommend to all of our customers.
But you may be asking, how would I use this personally? Does your website have a "company history" page? Why not bring it to life with a video and audio presentation about how you got started. But what if you don't have an archival video footage? What if all you have is photographs to mark these keystone events in your businesses history. This would be the perfect time to use Juxt Refined's parallax capabilities. View the video above to view some videos we have produced using the parallax effect.
Video Editing / Video Production
From iso to aperture and all things created behind a lens
A video or commercial, whether shown on tv or on a website, gives a small business a powerful boost in credibility. It also can give viewers a snapshot of your entire business or product in as little as 15 seconds. This is invaluable tool when most will watch a 30 second video, but only skim articles on your website. We offer video and photography services for business and individuals. Juxt Refined can help you with all your video needs. Media can be delivered online, dvd, blu-ray or on a data disc. Video services include authoring, visual effects, video editing, sound design, sound effects, HD video recording, and story boarding. All the things needed to create video magic, whether from existing footage or from scratch.