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Web Design
After 15 years of designing websites we still have the passion we had on day one. How does that translate to you? Well, we still believe that when a website is complete not only should you want to show it off, but so should we. We take the time and care to put out the best design possible that fits your business.

So if you were hoping to have a cookie cutter design done churned out in assembly line style fashion to help our bottom line, then you are in the wrong place. Let our pride in our work fuel your web site.
Recent Web Design
find out about the recently designed logo for overview facility management
Overview Facility Management is an online application used for tracking businesses with multiple locations inventory. So when designing the logo it was important to visually represent the websites purpose.
We accomplished this by using the inner outline of an arrow that is often seen in online map applications to denote the websites tracking of locations. We then used the outline of that arrow and implied the structure of a building. We also worked in the first letter in each part of the businesses name, O.F.M.
A neutral color palette was selected to make the management pages of the web site soothing to use on a day-to-day basis without distractions that would occur from overly vivid colors.