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spend less time managing your needed solutions with applications that increase productivity
The ingredients that make a business successful change as technologies change. The ability to use new emerging capabilities is key to stand out in a sea of competitors. Not to mention the increased production, function and optimization of otherwise tedious tasks. See the grocery list of ingredients that can better serve your needs.
Domain Reseller API
Does your business need the ability to sell domain names online? Don't fret, Juxt Refined has you covered. We have created and maintained custom applications that allow users to purchase and renew domains from your own website. Through the use of the Wild West Domains API we have created online systems that allowed tens of thousands of individuals to purcahse domains online, and you can too.
Social Media Management Tool
Social media has a direct effect on the way you communicate with customers, the ability of potential customers to hear about you from their associates and also how highly you rank in search engines. Juxt Refined's social media tools can help you speed up the process by allowing you to manage multiple social media accounts from one location. Also gives you the ability to post content from our tool to different social media sites, saving you the time and frustration of going to multiple sites to post the same information.
E-Commerce Solutions
How frustrated do you feel when you spend hours finding a product online just to try and purchase it. Then realize you have to call for pricing or to place an order. Not only did that company not make the sale, but it's also angered a possible customer. If that disgruntled customer shares their disdain with others it may cost you future sales. Why limit your business sales to foot traffic in your local shop?
Juxt Refined offers several different online shopping systems to let your product reach a global market. Whether you are interested in a custom solution, or an off the shelf online store front like BigCommerce, Magento, Miva or Cs-Cart we've got you covered. Have an existing shopping cart but need modifications? We can help with that as well.
PayPal Shopping Cart Integration
Juxt Refined has created several websites using PayPal's Website Payments Pro. Website Payments Pro enables you to accept debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal payments directly from your website.
PayPal integration gives your customers the security of knowing all payments from your site will be secure by an industry leader. Giving them an option they know you get payment, but are never in control of sensitive credit card information.
Amazon Seller Integration
Many online retailers are interested in selling their products on Amazon and with good reason. Being able to sell your products not only can help increase sales, but can also give your business visibility that comes with being associated with Amazon. Juxt Refined has the experience you need to not only get your products on Amazon, but also to integrate your current e-commerce solution to run off the same data.
Why is that beneficial? Because if your data is driven from one central location you can save time and money not having to replicate things such as pricing changes, product description and other information associated with selling your products online in your e-commerce solution and in Amazon's seller central web pages.
Inventory Management System
Have multiple business locations and find it hard to track down where items are you know you have already purchased or own? Multiple employees in charge of where things are stored becoming a nightmare? What you need is an inventory management system that frees you from the unknown. With Juxt Refineds Inventory Management System you are able to track items, quantity condition, by location with reporting tools and multiple levels of user access permissions. So that, if need be, Greg can't see what Jim is doing and vice versa. But you can view everything as an administrator.
E-Mail List Capabilities
Marketing is a a key component to all online business and one of the ways to market is through the use of e-mail marketing. This gives you the power of letting your customers know about discounts, product developments and other business news via their email account. But this can be a handful if you aren't familiar with web terminology. Through the use of sites like Mail Chimp we can integrate your site to help keep track of your customers and potential customers. Since we are designers and developers we can give you the added value of making your mailings as beautiful as the website they came from.
Google Web Applications/Tools
Google Ad Words / Google Shopping Feeds
Google Ad Words and Google shopping feeds are wonderful tools in order to get your business seen at the top of search results. If you are interested in setting up your company using either one of these pay per click tools, we can help. Already have a syste that holds your product inventory and descriptions and don't ant to manage it within Google and in your personal system? We have the knowledge to integrate your current information with Google Shopping Feeds to save you time and needless inconsistencies that come with manual data entry.
Google Analytics & Web Master Tools
If you are in need of tracking website visitors and seeing where you can improve your S.E.O. with Google then you will need to install Google Analytics codes throughout your site. Web Master Tools will also be needed if you plan on submitting a site map to Google to encourage them to boost your sites rank within their search engine results. Juxt Refined knows what it takes with both of these systems. From account creation, code integration to sitemap submission we've got you covered.
Web Based Coupon Creation
Many retail businesses web sites contain a section to print off a coupon that the customer can bring into their store to receive a discount. The purpose being to motivate potential customers to come into their store. But generally speaking, if the customer has clicked on your coupon page they have already decided to come into your shop. This is where Juxt Refined's dynamic web based coupon creation comes into play. When you have a system in place that requires some basic contact information from the customer and generates a coupon with First Name and Last Name users are required to use there actual information and not just type in gibberish in order to get the coupon. Allowing you and your business to have good clean data and also be able to market to them again at a later date. Something a standard web site coupon doesn't allow.
Customer Service Call Management Application
Do you have a call center and you need a more advanced way to track calls? Juxt Refined has developed systems that allow you to track call history, call duration, overall experience, status, type of call and do it all with dynamic reporting that is linked to specific employees of the call center. What does this mean for you and your call center? It means the ability to know how well a specific employee is doing based on the criteria that you set forth. It means, call backs never slip through cracks improving customer relations and satisfaction.
Subscription Based Web Site Access
It's often been said that content is king. If you are looking to monetize your intellectual content, we have a solution for you. Juxt refined can help, with a website not open to the public without dues first being paid. The site can be configured to have: some content available to the public for free, teaser articles to encourage sign ups, monthly billing actions, ability to setup premium accounts and much more.
FedEx & UPS Shipping Integration
Often online businesses are in need of getting real time rates for shipping their products to their customers. Juxt Refined can help, over the years we have set up dozens of different applications and in different programming languages.
Legacy Application Improvements
Have an old web site that was programmed in a now antiquated code and found yourself in the need of changes? Not to worry, with 12 years of experience in programming in a slew of web languages, Juxt Refined can help.
Some of the languages we still service are: ColdFusion, Classic ASP, Flash Actionscript & Microsoft Access Databases.
Don't see the language you need help with listed? Contact us and we will get you the help you need.
Custom Statistics, Reporting & Graphs
Having tons of data without any reports is somewhat like being a hoarder. It's great that you have all this stuff. But if you can't find it when you need it, whats the point? At Juxt Refined we strive to build reporting that fits you and your businesses needs.
We pride ourselves in reporting with efficiency and intuitiveness.
When you look at the line items you shouldn't need an interpreter to tell you the information your looking for. We also can give you the ability to export your data in multiple formats such as: HTML, PDF, and Spreadsheets.
So whether it's PHP, or ASP.NET. Whether it's a custom PDF created through code or a third party software such as crystal reports, we take the time to ensure your data is accessible and accurate.
WordPress Website
Wordpress is a perfect solution for people who need content rich sites with the ability to manage content themself. Many users prefer WordPress because of the ease and low overhead involved for novice web users. We have the experience you need to get your WordPress Website up and running today.
Need a WordPress Plugin added to the default installation? Have you found a theme online that you would like to use but don't know how to apply it to your website? Would you like a custom WordPress site design to stand out from your competitors and maintain your companies corporate identity? Need specific site functionality and can't find a plugin that fits your needs? Juxt Refined can help you with any of those issues.
MLS Listing Integration
Real Estate is a fast moving business. How do you keep your site up to date with the most current listings? How can I keep up with the big name businesses if my data is out of date? How do I let my clients know about my newest listings? Juxt Refined can help with your real estate data and programming needs. We have worked on hundreds of real estate agent and websites. Providing daily updates to there websites along with the ability for them to add there own additional photos of listings. Adding additional incentive for potential buyers to use your website as opposed to your competitors.