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Graphic Design
Good graphic design should consistently convey a feeling, an emotion, or an idea through art. Before the target audience reads any words, the colors and imagery should say what the piece is about.

Through pre-development talks with a client we find out what that message should before we start the project. Then we work diligently to convey that concept through your work. Whether that be business cards, billboards, car wraps, brochure, letterhead, postcards or whatever your needs may be. Our process stays the same to make sure your work is seen, not glanced over.
Recent Graphic Design
find out about the recently designed logo for overview facility management
Continental Concepts is a s business focusing on consulting for the food industry.
Located in the South-West of the united states, the client wanted a color pallette that spoke to the business location. We designed this into the logo for the company and carried it across all of theor marketing materials. Including the brochure which is pictured in the above thumbnail.
The brochure was designed to give their clients and potentional clients a preview of Continental Concepts Web interface before a physical demonstration is scheduled. Focusing on displaying all the custom reporting features that are built into the web application that can speed up customer production and tracking capabilities.