we grew up, our
never did
take a peak into our creative work in our online portfolio
We never lost our love to design, and we think it shows. But don't take our word for it. Peruse the JuxtRefined online portfolio and see for yourself.
Web Design
carefully crafted web experiences for usability
After 15 years of designing websites we still have the passion we had on day one. How does that translate to you? Well, we still believe that when a website is complete not only should you want to show it off, but so should we. We take the time and care to put out the best design possible that fits your business.
Logo Design
from scratch logos that visually tells your story
Many businesses have a logo designed as an after thought to a website. Sadly, this line of thought can truly lead to regret. Why is that? Well, out of all the marketing materials your business will have produced the logo is the one piece of art that will be a consistent representation of the quality of work you believe in.
Web Applications
Custom web applications in a variety of web languages
If you have ever looked for software to fit your needs then most likely you have noticed one of two deficiencies in the pre-packaged software. One, you spend days looking at how the software works just to find out that it does 80% of what you need it to do. But the 20% it is not capable of doing is a deal breaker. Or situation two. It can do 95% of what you need it to do and the 5% it's missing you can live without. But the price tag on it so large that it is not cost effective. Juxt Refined can not only custom tailor a solution for a reasonable cost, but we pride ourselves in making sure that is satisfies 100% of your businesses wants and needs.
Brand Development
consistent corporate identity across all your marketing
Creating and maintaining a corporate identity is essential to viewers recognizing your products, services, advertisements as being related to you. A visual identity that is as unique as a thumb print, but as easily recognizable as a family member. We pride ourselves in making sure that people have seen your companies brand, they'll recognize every-time they see it in the future.
Graphic Design
business cards, flyers, brochures and all other print design under the sun
Good graphic design should consistently convey a feeling, an emotion, or an idea through art. Before the target audience reads any words, the colors and imagery should say what the piece is about.