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typical process of design and programming with Juxt refined
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Our Process
Our process varies between what service you are in need. But in one crucial way it is the same across all offerings, that being we want to get it right. We strive to put out a finished piece that is worthy of you and your clients expectations. But you aren't the only ones with expectations, we have or own. We are not a cookie cutter web site creator. Nor would we want to be. We would never cut quality to make our bottom line bigger.
You can be confident that at Juxt Refined we want to show off our work, and when you only want to produce design and code of the highest value it shows.
What to Expect
The first thing we like to do is sit down, or have a phone meeting, with you and find out exactly what your needs are.
  • What are your businesses strengths?
  • What are your businesses weaknesses?
  • What makes your company unique?
  • Who are your competitors?
All these questions help us throughout the design process to make sure we are capitalizing on the potential to make an impact when people view your website. We also take the time to view your competitor's websites and publications to ensure we know exactly what you are up against and how to proceed accordingly.
"We would never cut quality to make our bottom line bigger..."
We also ask questions to find out who you are as a business. Are you a corporate business that wants to portray stability and professionalism? Are you a Mom and Pop shop that wants to promote your excellent customer service and a non-hassle orientated dealings with customers? All these are considered all to make sure you are well represented through your website and marketing materials.
The Specifics
Find out about the process for specific services offered by Juxt Refined
The Design Process
As we do with all things, we start by listening. Listening to you to find out is there anything you already had in mind as far as a concept. Are there colors that you are keen on using? Is there a certain emotion that should be felt when looking over the design such as calming, professional, playful, trustworthy or the like?
Web Design
After our initial talks on the necessities of your web site as far as functionality are concerned, pages and sections that are needed, and other additions that you would like to be incorporated into your web site. We then take the time to draft a concept for the website that is a visual representation of what the website will look like before any coding, or creating, of web pages takes place.
If you find that something needs adjustment we go back and make another image of what the website will look like before producing any functioning web pages. This is done to help nail down an agreed upon look of the site before it becomes cost prohibitive to recreate the web pages. Because essentially it would mean starting over from scratch. Once we have given the design your blessing to proceed we diligently get to work to make sure the functioning web site is as beautiful as the mockup images we sent you.
Logo Design
We would love to give you the identifying mark that people will come to know and associated your business with. Logo Design is one of the few design elements that will go on the rest of your marketing materials, and we take it very seriously the responsibility to make that represent you in an appropriate way. Due to the fact that logo design is generally the same small process and doesn't vary as far as time from customer to customer we are able to give you a semi-flat rate price. For one hundred dollars we will draft multiple variations of the name you would like to use. This will give you at least three unique logo options to choose from.
But it is far from limited to three, often we have given upwards of ten different logos for the client to narrow down to. This price also includes one series of revisions to help you tweak the initial concepts on things like: color palette, font used, and other design elements. What if you need to beyond the initial one round of revisions? Not to worry, additional revisions can be negotiated at the time they are deemed necessary by you. Generally speaking, this is unnecessary as 95% of logos created by us never need more than one round of revisions.
Programming and Application Development
More of a formulaic process then our creative services, but both muster a close back and forth with you to ensure a well designed system that not only meets your current needs but is also built so expansion is capable in the future. Our code is also written with Object-oriented programming (OOP) fundamentals in place. What does that mean for you? Faster future development because all code has been written in a structured manner and stays away from amateurish methods that make it harder to manage in the future. At Juxt Refined we make sure the foundation of your application is stable and built on firm ground, not soft sand.
First thing we always do on new project is make sure we have a clear understanding of priorities of the all aspects of the code requirements. With this in mind me can then begin to make firm assumptions on the best way to proceed. We will always keep you in the loop before any development begins so you can sign off on the concepts we plan on putting in place. When objectives are clearly defined costs and frustrations are kept down.
We pride ourselves in being edge case experts. In a world were most software packages are released with known issues, we still treat our software as if their is no way to patch it once it's been delivered. If we know something isn't working we will NEVER tell you it's complete. Seems like a no-brainer, but all to often coders believe that if it works in optimal situations, then that's "good enough". Not knowing if something is built correctly would keep us up at night, and at Juxt Refined we sleep easy knowing all of our programming code is written to the highest level of standards.
Have an existing web site that isn't functioning properly or needs a new feature? We can help with that as well. Much like on a new application, the first thing we will do is sit down and talk about the needed change(s). After we have been given access to your current system we will look at the best way of going forward and let you know as far as time and materials to make the requested improvement. Whether it's a recent programming language or an antiquated one, we'll get the job done.