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About Us
Have you ever watched a movie and recognized an actor but not been able to pin down what you had seen him in before? It's bothersome isn't it? To the point where you can't function until you get the answer.
Our staff is, and has always been, the same way when it comes to web design, graphic design, special effects and programming. Driven and inspired by how things work, and what makes a design appealing for over 30 years has led to a verbose understanding of how to deliver professional design services.
Why is that important to you?
"An insatiable desire to know how things work..."
An insatiable desire to know how things work coupled with a competitive drive to be proud of the work we create. When going through the creative process we do several rounds of self revisions to make sure you don't see, not even as a draft, something we aren't proud of.
So you can be confident that all of the services juxt refined provides has been refined for you, your clientele and even us. Whether in our services for web design, logo design, custom web applications, video editing, videography, visual effects, or corporate identity and branding, you get the same level of commitment, refinement and scrutiny to make sure you have a polished product that you are happy to show to others.
Edge Case Experts
We plan for what could go wrong before the heartache
We are edge case experts and proud of it! When it comes to programming we leave no stone, of code, unturned. We make sure all of our code in our applications has been fully tested in every way possible to make sure your site works every time, for everyone.
This helps my site and software how?
When you contract to have a custom application, web site, or program created most coders will account for only the most obvious issues that might arise. This becomes a real issue when you believe the work has been completed and you find major issues with the functionality and security of your web site. Even worse, try getting this fixed under the original agreement if you have already launched your website.
Choose Juxt Refined, don't pay twice for the same job.
Our Process
The creation process may seem daunting to someone who needs design or development work created. What programming language to use? What image should design or ads portray? Relax. You’ve come to the right place. Find out more about how our creative process is painless and perfect for your needs.